Mummy GO's church prohibits members' mini-skirts, jeans, pearls, and other items

Mummy GO's church prohibits members' mini-skirts, jeans, pearls, and other items
Mummy GO's church prohibits members' mini-skirts, jeans, pearls, and other items

The founder of the Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God, Funmilayo Adebayo, popularly known as Mummy GO, has been linked to a series of memes on social media for her threatening “hellfire” messages.

According to Punch, it has also been found that there are a number of lifestyles that each or every member of the controversial Evangelist Church must adapt or adhere to.

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Anyone considering attending the services at RAPEC headquarters, in Iyana Ipaja or in one of the other branches will adhere to the strict rules.

List of unacceptable church appearances by Mummy GO;

The church bans eyelashes and mini skirts. A large banner hung on her at the entrance to the church: “Do not enter the house of God with the following:

Pearls: Whether male or female, king or fashionista, pearls are not allowed in Mummy GO's church. Even in the church you are not allowed to dress up like a king.

Mummy GO has appeared in numerous memes that were shared multiple times on social media. According to her, most memes were made up.

Reporter Adebimpe Olajiga shared her experience: “I was about to enter the church when a security guard posing as Brother Femi said that my dress, which was a few inches above my ankle, was not long enough. I wasn't surprised. The observation of Brother Femi was my first confirmation of everything I had seen Mummy GO preach on viral videos.

“Brother Femi took me to a church servant named Sister Bunmi who brought out a box with several fabrics in different colors such as purple, orange and gray. I chose a fabric and tied it around my waist so that I could go to church. "

Olajiga could not find Mummy GO in the church, but learned that the clergyman had stopped attending the church and claimed that some internet users threatened her because of her "Hellfire" sermons.

Women in church are prohibited from wearing necklaces, earrings, makeup, and any jewelry. Trousers are also forbidden for women, while jeans are forbidden for men.

At the entrance to the church there is a large banner that reads “Do not enter the Sanctuary of God with: beads, jewelry, short skirts, jeans, curly hair, dreads and extensions (women), dreads and cuts (men). ), Eyelashes, makeup, painted nails and tattoos.

Jewelry: You must return this fallen neck, head or leg jewelry before you leave home. The ushers are vigilant, they will find you and confiscate you for the duration of the service.

Mini Skirts and Short Skirts: Your pursuit of a dashing look may be dampened by the fact that you don't get draped in sexy braids and tights in church. Your entire leg must be covered in the RAPEC church.

Dreadlocks and stylish cuts for men: For men, your hair should not be stylish in any way. You can't adorn dreadlocks and curly hair too. Your hair needs to be low with no unique cuts.

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Eyelashes: You need to bring your natural face, eyelashes to RAPEC. You must be primitive and decent like old times.

Make-up: All swabs, brushes and powder will be banned from the Mummy GO church, otherwise you will not be admitted by the ushers.

Painted nails: Painted nails are a reflection of immorality for Mummy GO. A church brochure made available to the PUNCH correspondent described painted nails as devilish and also linked them to Jezebel in the Bible.

Tattoos: You are excluded from going to the House of God at RAPEC with your tattoos. If they're not revealing, you may start to wince when the sermon hits you where the tattoo is.